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Climate Change CO2lonialism

By Tim Forsyth and Zoe Young From Mute magazine – Culture and politics after the net According to Tony Blair, the climate change debate is ‘finally over.’ Who can dismiss the economic arguments of the Stern Report on Climate Change? Only a Channel 4 controversialist or two, perhaps, and a few (mainly oil-funded) scientists. The […]

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Climate Justice Now! The Durban Declaration on Carbon Trading

In October 2004, representatives from organizations and peoples’ movements from around the globe met in Durban, South Africa to discuss realistic avenues for addressing climate change. The group emerged from the meeting with this call for a global grassroots movement against climate change. The Durban Declaration has not been widely circulated in North America, but […]

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Joel Kovel Speaks in Toronto

TORONTO, MARCH 4, 2007: Joel Kovel, author of The Enemy of Nature: The End of Capitalism or the End of the World? and co-author of “The Ecosocialist Manifesto,” spoke in Toronto last night. A recording of Joel Kovel’s talk is posted online HERE. His talk, “A Very Inconvenient Truth: The Left After Kyoto,” was sponsored […]

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