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Some Questions About Ecosocialism

This article was submitted this as a comment on Joel Kovel’s article Why Ecosocialism Today? I am publishing it as a separate article because it raises important questions that ecosocialists need to consider carefully. by Jeff White Re: Joel Kovel’s “Why Ecosocialism Today?” The title of this article is too modest: Kovel asks not only […]

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Failing to Make the Connections

by William Bowles From Investigating New Imperialism, August 7, 2007 I’m torn, really torn between trying to keep up with the deceptions the corporate press keep feeding us and wanting to ignore the entire sorry mess completely, but well you know how it is, almost without exception, everyday there’s a story that grabs my attention because […]

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U.S. Issues Stealth Report on Climate Change

It’s well known in Public Relations circles that the best way to avoid media coverage of unpleasant or controversial information is to release it on Friday afternoon, after the reporters have gone home. The Bush administration did just that last week, issuing the 19-months-late US Climate Action Report with the least-possible publicity. Climate Science Watch, […]

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