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  1. Meijfroidt Bernard July 31, 2014 at 5:22 am |

    Should the ecosocialist movement not stress that it is becoming increasingly clear that the capitalist mode of production is not compatible with ecology , because of his creative destruction , of his disregard for ecological limits , of his disrespect of man and nature in stead of putting attention to the size of consumption of the rich or the common people?

  2. alyce santoro July 30, 2014 at 11:09 am |

    thank you to ian angus, sam ginden, and terry moore for all of your perspectives on this subject. i am a former marine biologist and scientific illustrator now devoted full-time to the study of cross-disciplinary communication, where it succeeds and where it fails. i have come to agree wholeheartedly with terry that “The only way we can hope to avoid mistakes in either direction is to engage in open and fact-based internal discussion and debate.” inspired by marx, hegel, john p. clark, bertell ollman, and others, i am working on a project i (somewhat cheekily) call “the dialectic revival”…this is a small excerpt:

    Throughout history, forms of dialectic reasoning have been applied to discussions of a wide range of political, philosophical, spiritual, and scientific matters. While horns are locked and the clock ticks away on all manner of pressing social and environmental issues, I am suggesting that now is a fitting moment to evaluate the effectiveness (or ineffectiveness) of prevailing mechanisms for the exchange of ideas, and develop a more modern, appropriate, efficient, and constructive paradigm.

    I am proposing a dialectic revival.

    A new dialectic method has revolutionary potential. Transparency in communication is a radical act. The powers of obfuscation, confusion, and polarization are wielded with great skill by those who seek to suppress and control, often inadvertently drawing in even those with an earnest interest in clarity. Dialectic technique is an antidote, a way of dissolving veils of calculated deception to reveal the inner workings of an underlying reality.

    more on this here: http://www.alycesantoro.com/dialectic_revival.html
    i would be extremely grateful for any input from this community. thank you again.

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