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  1. PhilW June 1, 2014 at 8:20 am |

    Thanks to C&C for pointing out this study, which is clearly alarming. However, I think this commentary on the paper makes statements that could provide ammunition for climate change deniers, in that it extrapolates from the authors’ work (and from their own commentary:, without providing further back-up evidence. This is a pity, as it could be used to unjustifiably discredit the original research. I’ll give some examples:

    The comment suggesting reviewers may have asked the researchers to remove more alarming findings is unwarranted. If you go to the GRL web site, the very first early view article (on the politically contentious issue of the pattern of the moon’s gravitational field) has a very similar statement about reviewers, so I assume it must be standard procedure for the publication to include this courtesy.

    Rignot, in his Guardian article makes no statement that the collapse of the West Antarctica ice sheet will take “a few decades”. This appears to be an invention by the above author, based on their contention that scientists have “time and time again” relied on a “bogus linearity” to forecast processes, when we know they are “exponential” (why not quadratic, power law, logarithmic, or chaotic?) Rignot gives a 200-year estimate, but our author contradicts this by saying “melting is an exponential process”, accelerated by the phenomena they list, as if Rignot doesn’t know about them.

    I suspect that, as with many phenomena associated with climate change (look at the IPCC scenarios), it is not known how long break of up the West Antarctica ice sheet will take. That ignorance does not detract from the urgency of the issue, or from the task of getting rid of capitalism, the main impediment to combating climate change.

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