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  1. Neale Upstone February 6, 2014 at 9:37 am |

    What an awful review. As a green activist, and a Liberal Democrat, I’m baffled how Derek Wall can be complimentary to the previous government and call the coalition right wing.

    Yes, it’s full of compromises, and I’m not happy with some of what has been allowed through, but were it not for the LibDems, we’d have a minority Tory government able to get all manner of executive decisions through without anyone to stop them.

    Where were the Labour Party on delivering greater democracy and a chance for broader political involvement: on voting reform… they backed down and broke their manifesto promises; ditto reform of the House of Lords, and on party funding… well it’s still the LibDems pushing that, and on lobbying too.

    The LibDems are not right or left. They’re what the name says liberal democrats, and happen to be pursuing many of the same policies (tax reform, LVT, banking and money reform) as the Green Party Mr Wall is a member of.

  2. Rory Short January 30, 2014 at 8:00 am |

    It strikes me from reading the above that the members of the pro-fracking fraternity are either short of information on the full implications of fracking or, for some reason, they are choosing to turn a blind eye to them. I guess the reason is the money to be got from fracking, that for them trumps everything even the threat of an uninhabitable planet. That money is their primary motivator is clearly shown by their thinking that offering monetary incentives to local authorities will encourage them to allow fracking on their territories.

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