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  1. Jonathan Langlois July 28, 2013 at 9:27 am |

    Even before the train accident, petroleum was front and center stage in Québec. There are at least 3 extraction projects and 3 pipeline reversal and 1 pipeline building project that I know of. Many of those have already been delayed several times. Some of them were outright rejected only to be broken up and resurrected as multiple smaller projects.

    There is one detail which isn’t exact in your article. The fracking ban in Québec only concerns the St-Laurence valley. The rest of the province (which constitute the vast majority of the territory) is still open to fracking. Government and industry have been moving together and with haste to tap energy resources though to lie in Québec’s soil.

    In point of fact, a mysterious minimum 400m depth regulation was recently legislated. That’s the depth at which the industry believes oil can be found on the island of Anticosti. The regulation appears to have been tailor made for the industry.

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