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  1. San Pedro de Los Saquaros June 28, 2013 at 9:17 pm |

    Good, informative article, while offering animating and doable possible responses.

    One thing to consider: This speech probably just introduced more carbon into the atmosphere in the form of simple hot air.

    We shouldn´t think for a moment that, given the huge black eye and fury the regime is roundly and deservedly reaping for the exposure of its totalitarian, rampant spying on us and the rest of the planet, this speech could also be one attempt to lure loyal liberals and environmentalists back into his ¨Hope You Can Believe In¨ circus, since they were among his most ardent supporters.

    Obama´s regime obviously sees the need to stanch the exodus of his erstwhile believers and voters for the success of the rest of his term and for the next Party figurehead and Wall Street/Pentagon water-carrier. Pandering to one of the biggest demographic that, in great numbers, naively enabled his charade, manipulating any response to one of the most-widely supported issues across the populace, this ¨I Love The Planet Too¨ speech was probably seen as a no-brainer by Obama´s handlers.

    Nothing is beneath the power-hungry. We need to make sure he doesn´t get away with yet more empty rhetoric and promises while the planet dies.

    1. David July 5, 2013 at 3:56 am |

      Spot on…I agree. A lot of hot air from Obama and he timed it to lure back the progressive base. He is a charlatan, a fraud, something deeply inherent in his character. I felt that when I saw him speak in 2008 in Berlin. He will say anything and do the opposite. DO not trust him and continue building this movement to halt global warming. Excellent article, too.

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