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  1. Raymond DeBrane March 25, 2013 at 1:55 am |

    The denialists are still winning the hearts and minds of the people. Right here in Austin Texas, we have a local radio personality, Alexs Jones, who is on a radio network and is a climate denying broadcaster. And he has rabid fans here in Austin who live by every word he says. I’ve run into them. Most are very nasty about it when I tell them that climate change is for real, and I suspect Alex Jones is working for the two oil and coal barons, the Koch Brothers, and that’s why all of the denial.

    One day Rush Limbaugh got on the air and said global warming is a hoax. It’s political issue, not a science issue. And a few days later he gets on the air and says that he golfs and eats dinner with the Koch Brothers. What’s wrong with that picture do ya think?

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