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  1. Dieter Blasl November 12, 2012 at 11:23 am |

    Sandy IS, btw, the most recent & most impressive manifestation of Earth Warming: EW is not just “a few degrees warmer and more comfortable”; EW means MECHANICAL energy in the atmosphere
    — felt as wind, rain, storm, hurricane, typhoon, flood/drought alternations —
    which is brought into the water and air 7/8 by industry, power plants & households (another 1/8 stems from industry traffic and only 1/8 stems from private cars)
    2/3 of “produced” and “consumed” energy exhausts as WARMTH while ONLY 1/3 is USEABLE as ELECTRIC energy
    — gas & oil & even NUCLEAR reactors have max.30% (never 40%) efficiency degrees —
    and even electric energy ends in (friction) warmth in machines and vehicles, at the end …

    no joke, this is how Earth Warming looks like:


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