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  1. creativenuisance October 4, 2012 at 11:18 am |

    The entire scheme was another inept attempt by collectivists to issue command economy rules. Read Adam Smith, and find a tutor to help you with his treatise on natural law. It is not about capitalism or socialism by any stretch. Any dogma is complete bull and lends truth to the assertion that the world is run by C students. It’s bad enough to have the so-called left and right putting sand in the gears of good governance here in the states. What’s even worse is an absurd construct like the D student generated “ecosocialism.” Those free-riders on the left, as hungry for a buck as a hedge fund manager, fail to understand that on this planet there are no passengers; we’re all crew. This is the most idiotic publication I’ve seen on the left and while there are dimwits aplenty on the right, you get the door prize. A glance below makes it quite clear with shrill titles from your bookstore; the implied genocide as the next final solution by Angus and Butler for example. Why? Because Statists like you have gorged themselves on the money that is presumably aimed at solving the dilemma of the poor. It was disgusting to see their ilk running up the tab at the Rio+20 conference. Tables for two charged the donor community more than per capita GDP. If the aid had gotten through, we wouldn’t have had the population explosion. There might be two or sometimes three children where there’s opportunity and eight or nine after their pockets have been picked in this scandalous shakedown. I’d be remiss if I didn’t give you credit for the slaughter of a hundred million by your ideology.

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