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  1. Rory Short May 17, 2012 at 3:41 pm |

    an economy is the collective noun for the voluntarily entered into
    exchanges of real goods and/or services between the members of a
    community. Money was invented to serve as a record of the value of
    what was being exchanged in order to facilitate these voluntary

    humankind has now objectified money as a thing in its own right
    which it is not and clearly therefore we are suffering from a
    collective delusion. This delusion opens the way to the acceptance of
    attempts to commodifying the essential services that nature provides
    for life’s continued existence. I think the utter absurdity of this
    approach is revealed if we try to put a price on the oxygen we
    breathe. For our lives to be sustained the air we breathe must
    contain a certain proportion of oxygen, a lesser proportion means
    certain death. Could a sensible price be put on atmospheric oxygen
    then seeing that you either have enough oxygen to breathe or you are
    dead.? To a non-suicidal individual oxygen cannot be priced. 

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