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  1. how comes that Obama thinks that Nuclear Power Plants are better for the Climate?

    They are primitive steam machines (only the vapor /pressureWater is heated nuclear) with 30% or less efficiency
    the CO2 footprint is not better either: what does he think how machinery & equipments & measurement/control technology is produced ???

    Nuclear Power deposits no combustion CO2 in the air but it distributes (direct) HEAT into the atmosphere; by now 439 nuclear reactors do so, worldwide.

    (and the more HiTech a product is, the more Energy & CO2 equivalent is used along its production & refinement; one of the worst things in this chain is the “stocking/storing” of nuclear waste which has to be — with lots of energy — cooled down for decades)

  2. Rory Short February 17, 2012 at 3:20 pm |

    The Obama administration’s behaviour appears to me to be utterly irrational. All I can think is that his administration is firmly in the pockets of the fossil fuel barons and that he himself is nothing but a con man.

  3. Terry Moore February 16, 2012 at 8:23 am |

    Remind me again Obama is a Democrat and not a climate change denying Republican? Is that a “distinction without a difference” these days? Addictions lead to irrational behaviour and capitalist economies are hooked on both fossil fuels and the money the industry uses to ensure the political fix is in. The challenge for ecosocialists is to find a way to end the system’s fossil fuel addiction before it creates a climate that makes life as we know it history..

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